Simon Pegg


Actor/writer - Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul, World's End. Also, secret agent, starship engineer and diesel weasel. GSOH. Must love dogs.

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2198 days ago


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ellasomething 2188 days ago

That certainly is SWEET.

CalisoMoon 2192 days ago

Oh my lawl! That is epic!

heathermlly 2193 days ago


TheRealYsmay 2194 days ago

Very cool. I'm working on doing a series of Star War helmets out of porcelain. :)

matthewholton 2195 days ago

Nice! This must be from the Vader Project a while ago... which artist?

Kirstinet 2195 days ago

Damn.. In the UK, "anyone one want to see my helmet?" can mean something totally different!

Timmyphish 2195 days ago

At first I thought this helm belonged to Darth Vader's grandma, but I see it's from his arty phase.

IMLaetitia 2195 days ago

I just can say : oh my god !

crimsonnin 2195 days ago

Who let the Ewoks get into the spray paint again?!

Cpt_Mal 2196 days ago

You have been Zentangled, my friend! And it is SWEET!!

hawtwyre 2196 days ago

Does this come with a pack of flourescent markers and a black light?

Biscuit_Angel 2196 days ago

Dam those graffiti artists!!! They get everywhere

tinkerbelrae 2196 days ago

WOW!!! Love it! That is amazing!!!

binkythebomb 2196 days ago

Darth Fabulous?

Sayla_Vie 2196 days ago

That is seriously badass.

bibbleco 2198 days ago

Surely that has Tank Girl's nametag sewn into the lining somewhere...

Mayday_Wronski 2198 days ago

lord Vader smokes dope and wakes up to find he's done this...

gumball110 2198 days ago

lord vader? is that you? you look so, differnet.

ImpishKitten 2198 days ago

I want this guy to design my sleeve tattoo XD

msrhondalthomas 2198 days ago

Love it love it love it!!!