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Dimensional Champion of Miltonius. The skin is color custom. This used to be my Infernal of Miltonius.

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2288 days ago

Dimensional Champion of Miltonius. The skin is color custom. This used to be my Infernal of Miltonius.


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CombatoidAE 1775 days ago

I got Reavers in 2010 cuz i thought they were goin rare like void :/ Then I quit aqw >:)

Dan_X_Doa 2173 days ago

Got it =D

Dan_X_Doa 2209 days ago

My last juggernaut item is this

Muffin_Man__AE 2240 days ago

Man, I got my Reavers a couple of weeks back and I can't be bothered to farm my Crag again. Not enought time, and I have no passion anymore -.-' I love it though.

haki_andrea 2243 days ago

It loks a like like living fire in mafic

Helgigas 2260 days ago

:O i got ungodly reaver 69 mins before i got memship,and now that i got memship,i ca get the rest easy! miltonius area and cores ftw! but first i need bagspace for this >.>

Flairthehero 2260 days ago

Love it. Actually I love all your armors and weps Miltonius.

AQWpenguinpal 2263 days ago

Curious, but in your pic http://twitpic.com/2tf14o your Infernal is holding a blade. Will the blade ever be released?

thanh3213 2266 days ago

http://twitpic.com/34iwgu check out my drawing

LordSlayR 2266 days ago

Because he is the one who made it, and Please tell me the fastest way to farm for it.

arcaneAE 2276 days ago

u do

arcaneAE 2276 days ago

a question that haunts me is why do u put miltonius after EVERYTHING?

LVXYZx 2279 days ago

In the description, Miltonius states that this is a BREED of Void Knight. I think its the ULTIMATE 1

AlbkidAqw 2282 days ago

I liked the void armors you should bring them back D: I want shadow

Zaodlen 2285 days ago

Miltonius thank you very much to make all your new items non-member especially warlord of miltonius and ungodly reavers of miltonius.

grenpwoerrenger 2287 days ago

Thanks for awesome armor...Need a new spear to match. Deo am pro, amg wat a Bamboozle

Ryuyasha 2287 days ago


mikeees 2287 days ago

i dnt even know how to get dimonds and its not worth my time

WarknightAE 2288 days ago

Awww man DX dudes goto milt and check wahtcha gotta do for these items DX

said_666 2288 days ago

Omg the pet! <3