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Rough sketches.The last time really sat down and drew with a pen or pencil was years ago!

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1384 days ago

Rough sketches.The last time really sat down and drew with a pen or pencil was years ago!


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emcool2 1361 days ago

can you sent out vestige of miltonius agien?

AxeleSix 1371 days ago

True art well milt it looks like ima try to put aqw on machinima and do a lil review

arcaneAE 1372 days ago

oh wait she does have all her fingers there hiding behind here middle finger and are those guys her minions?

LVXYZx 1375 days ago

the big beast in the back sez "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRAWWH UGH! MACHIIIINEEEEEE!"

LordSlayR 1376 days ago

Cool, could you show us how to draw female characters? Please?

ChosenAE 1376 days ago

what pencil ou use? i mostly use HB but tht makes fat ugly lines..

AQW_Gannacto 1379 days ago

Thats a sketch!? I can see why AE hired you as an artist

Zakristone 1380 days ago

The girl has...3 fingers? I always liked pencil and paper for some reason.

imxfallenx2 1381 days ago

drawings are good but sketches still nice :)

LVXYZx 1382 days ago

hehheheheh :)

VeteranSlayer 1383 days ago

That's...rough? For me, art challenged, that would be called a masterepiece XD

StickyOtter 1384 days ago

How long did it take you to get that good with pencil?

RednarReborn 1384 days ago

its very......sketchy :P

DarkonDrago 1384 days ago

nice sketches xD

McShmoopie 1384 days ago

The image of that lil guy poised over you while you sleep. You're welcome for teh nightmares. =3

DrakkanMcBeardy 1384 days ago

Drakk is down, but big dood in back needs a beard fer def. Girl in-front needs leet dual katana's liek Bloodleets. Undead dood is lawlz.

Amiir_Altaria 1384 days ago

She's missing a finger?..

SoraToHoshi 1384 days ago

Girl looks a bit like Rogue from X-Men

SoraToHoshi 1384 days ago

Your sketches have a very comic book feel to them, and I mean that in a compliment of course

KikiAE 1384 days ago

Very nice, you should sketch with pen/pencil more. :)