Player for Villarreal F.C..... Been around the world... Hometown is always NJ....

bored, so i thought i'd show you how i look when im on Twitter..

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2053 days ago

bored, so i thought i'd show you how i look when im on Twitter..


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BermairiVasquez 1936 days ago

OMg !seeexy !!

shiningbind 2052 days ago

hello giuseppe!! =)

kikko4ever91 2052 days ago

Grande Giuseppeeeeeeeee!!!!

areddevilfan 2052 days ago

that's quite a weird expression you got there..

doris_liu 2052 days ago

soooo funny.!!!

sirak84 2052 days ago

Aww you look cute with a hat on!

davidebussi 2052 days ago

Americanooooooo :))

SiyaoChang 2052 days ago

LOL, you are so funny+cute!!! <3

cescfra 2052 days ago

k figo!!! <3

GiNgErPrincesss 2052 days ago

Cute :)

tatimix13 2052 days ago

lindo como sempre ... :-)

chacky14 2052 days ago

2 pizza lol

karog2091 2052 days ago look scared

teresa92f 2052 days ago

haha..great photo..sei un grande.. xD

lrochat 2052 days ago

Hey Giuseppe! Lookin' good and best wishes from North Jersey!

jumanix 2052 days ago

No dai... il cappello è inguardabile! :-D

fOOtie8 2053 days ago

dude this is how u look like when ur on twitter how about when u get ur self ready !!! u look awesome !!!

Alessio_58 2053 days ago

Sei grande peppì

ilove_Dan_Ewing 2053 days ago

Fishing for compliments ;) ^^

rawrey 2053 days ago

when u cumin 2 liverpool then lol do u think u and torres would make a good partnership?