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Kari Byron, some pipe and potatoes. What could it be??

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2336 days ago

Kari Byron, some pipe and potatoes. What could it be??


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GMeadow 2333 days ago

Very intriguing!

n_o_r_t_y 2334 days ago


kurtismarsh 2335 days ago

Kari planning for a cook out?

loyalv 2335 days ago

"Gentlemen, thaw your potatoes."

jodfoster 2335 days ago

's comment wins :)

victorx10 2335 days ago

As others have said, definitely a Potato Cannon. Now I'm just wondering at what they're going to shoot it at. :).

maialideth 2335 days ago

a potatoe-powered anti-zombie gun?

zombiegeisha 2335 days ago

Something to fight off Grant's robot army.

deguerre 2336 days ago

Is this the story from WW2 when a British Home Guard unit, during an exercise, repelled "the enemy" using a Northover projector and a bunch of green apples?

CannaBisFitty 2336 days ago


kspons 2336 days ago

It's the chicken cannon v2, just on a smaller scale and with plants, not poultry

samurai007 2336 days ago

OMG it's a spitball shooter for the giant hiding in the shop!

jrhee 2336 days ago

Dunno. but could you please ask her to put a heated metal grate on the end to make a french fry cannon?

javicuna 2336 days ago

Did she got hand of my grandma's recipe for mashed potatoes with chicken?

leebishop 2336 days ago

hmmm..potatoes and a giant air canon.

radishrosette 2336 days ago

Potato gun or a power potato drill planter!

InRichDesign 2336 days ago

Anyone have an idea of what the vehicle is in the top right corner?

ZachsMind 2336 days ago

Mmmmm! Potatoes! This photo makes me hungry! I had a baked potato with chili for lunch earlier today. Think I may do that for dinner now, too.

ooh_lala 2336 days ago

I think she is making a bun in the oven!

Electrohacker 2336 days ago

Baby cannon