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1995 days ago


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VSwishFGirlC 1638 days ago

..............hmmmm "interesting"..! Looks like Rice and something else...!

wasco1913 1714 days ago

looks gross but u never know till u try

j0er0cksmyw0rld 1786 days ago

ew. sushis gross :x

jayklover10 1862 days ago

Um...Jayk....thts kinda gross................but whatev

himynameistina 1867 days ago

sushi!!!! yay!!!!

mone_thefirst 1883 days ago

bah, I hate fish...xDDDD

vfcluverxx3 1888 days ago

EWW dead fish is gross. ICK ew. fish dead EYEBALLS fish. deadness ick LOOK AWAY.

lolchicmc 1891 days ago

YUM!!! sushi is the best!! cream cheese rolls and california rolls r the BEST!!!!

raisner_anna 1893 days ago

i love sushi

KaylaKurys 1920 days ago

i've never had sushi and this pic dosn't really make me want to try it any time soon... eww lol

XxTheeDestiexX 1922 days ago

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SUSHI!!!!!!!! thats the shizzz niteeee

ACilovedrewtful 1924 days ago

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww rofl

varsityluver 1924 days ago

i have never had sushi before.is it good?

jayklover233 1933 days ago

i never liked sushi but the second time i had it i loved it that looks good.

hazelvamp 1934 days ago


yetzielisse 1945 days ago

bahaha Jylian shut up with your italian, haha, that does look yum :)

JylianLovesJayk 1946 days ago

Quel niente male di sguardi aka YUMMY

aliciad85 1950 days ago

that looks good ymmmy

cindeebabee 1963 days ago

seriously MY sushi platter $50 BEATS UR 9 piece ROLL HAHAH

NeonSnowflakes 1968 days ago

i have never tried sushi before