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Have you guys met my agent?

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1754 days ago

Have you guys met my agent?


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sarahbeara6 1753 days ago

He's earning his paycheck!

pizzapiglet 1753 days ago

OMG I am glad I can't smell those feet!

Jpolicicchio 1753 days ago

is this a hospital waiting room, both dudes look eager to receive some sort of horrible information

jaycee_33 1754 days ago

he's all worked out!! hahahaa

YourFriendDani 1754 days ago


ComatoseLive 1754 days ago

haha i wanna bounce on his stomach x3

Millergal00 1754 days ago

WTF!!What died in their?? And where on earth are u?

VanillaEclair 1754 days ago

Jabba The Hut got his Juris Doctorate?!?!

JenluvsTosh 1754 days ago


Lola_Cole 1754 days ago

LMBO!!!!!!! Did he just break that chair into a recliner?!!!!!

NicoleTruex27 1754 days ago

I hope you're talking about the guy in the background...

SarahBrig 1754 days ago

Please tell me this is not real life.

Cuteangelsix 1754 days ago


kimmy1119 1754 days ago

you can keep him...looks like crap haha (what happened)

Felicious1908 1754 days ago

I really need to stop being so damn picky, it appears he is at least breathing

Felicious1908 1754 days ago

Good looks like it only gets 0.5% not 10% and is paying you, an ideal agent

LorriDelia 1754 days ago

It looks like his feet broke off.

samillionaireXO 1754 days ago

What u hunkk! :D

taishertes 1754 days ago

holly mother god

reebsreiswig 1754 days ago

He looks like a busy guy... :-) Haha.