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GiovanniVitorin 2135 days ago


PhelpsAnonymous 2136 days ago

I was so sure Mexico was considered North American in Geography Class.

thomasclose 2145 days ago

December 16th, really?! I'm living in S. Korea. Why a WHOLE month later?! I don't understand...

huy_m 2147 days ago

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow in S.Korea a month later than others!?! ㅠㅠㅠ

Miros_M 2149 days ago

México change is 18th Nov. and 17th 10:30 p.m. Special Function ^_^ ♥.♥!!

SandyOrtz 2150 days ago

In Puerto Rico starts in 25!!! YAY Cant wait!!!

NicoleMatthewsX 2156 days ago

Holland --> 17th!!!! =D Awesome!!! The premiere is the 16th =D. Can't wait!!! =D

woonsen12 2170 days ago

WOW!! Thailand 18 Nov 2010 ~ I can't waiting for it. ><

Ros_HyunJae 2177 days ago

it premieres the day before my birthday in singapore..best pre-birthday present EVER!!!

angelic_mei 2177 days ago

Indonesia 17th Nov...yahoooooo! Thanks.

mariaben 2177 days ago

And Morocco ??

Geotravel 2178 days ago

Canada Nov. 19! Weeeee

__CrackABottle 2178 days ago

Woohoow! the 17th it is xD

DeadRipleyFloyd 2178 days ago

Accio 11.19!!! Hahaha I cannot wait anymore! :D

JessicaCluskey 2178 days ago

.....oh and thanks for mentioning Ireland as everyone always does *sarcasm*

JessicaCluskey 2178 days ago

ok why are other countrys getting it earlier than the country its made in? :L .....

danrad23 2178 days ago

Wow...Accio Nov 18th...

AngelSlayer_ 2178 days ago

wooohoo, November 18th. Can´t wait

BrokenPiece 2179 days ago

How is it possible that here in the Netherlands it's realeased the 17th and in Britain the 19th! it's a Brittish movie!

TomCostaRica 2179 days ago

What about Costa Rica??? Ah ahh?? Discrimination.. D: