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Oh no Sky... surely not... #miners

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1875 days ago

Oh no Sky... surely not... #miners


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pebrugeron 1873 days ago

Merveilleux (photosoppé mais drôle).

candy_voodoo 1874 days ago

COMO LES QUEDÓ EL OJO DESPUÉS DEL RESCATE?? skynews son como la caca.

eserrato 1874 days ago

No me digan que esta narrando el "Perro" bermudez

Marcianunez 1874 days ago

I'm chilean journalist i hope that picture was photoshop product because is horrible if is a true

Archeleus 1874 days ago

To those who are going "shame on you", you lack sense of humour and a life so fuck off you spastic morons.

LordManley 1874 days ago

Obviously it is a photoshop. How else do people think SKY make their imagery?

LordManley 1874 days ago

It is fake (well done drdunno) but the progress bar on Wikipedia is not:

JulianMarch 1874 days ago

Hi - I can confirm this is a photoshop. I'm an Executive Producer at Sky News and I've been here all night.

christhebarker 1874 days ago

This is a photoshop. This is real:

Headlines2day 1874 days ago

People are saying this is a photohop, where did you get the image from?

M4RKM 1874 days ago

that's a photoshop!!!!!

alahlawy29 1874 days ago

مسخرة ..

cheffgil 1874 days ago

k culeros la neta por que ponen eso #noesdedios

Iregaralo 1874 days ago

UF, peor que lo de El País...

JonesWTF 1874 days ago

How many gamerpoints do they get if they're all alive?

SOUNDKAOS 1874 days ago

My friend J.H. is ritgh!What is this? a Videogame?We're talking about people!!

SOUNDKAOS 1874 days ago

Unbelievable to say the least! Sky's hit the bottom!What can you call this???

dannybl1 1874 days ago

que gente mas mala que brutos como van a poner eso

stephassss 1874 days ago


AlelitaChile 1874 days ago

Sky news... Pateticamente idiotas.