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passionate little monster who enjoys her life to the fullest. loves partying and spending time with the loveliest boyfriend on earth ♡ love you, baby xx

new drawing .. beautiful Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta ♥

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2143 days ago

new drawing .. beautiful Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta ♥


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KarenGagaa 1751 days ago

wow i´m in shock! that it´s amazing! i wanna do something like this!

GagasGroupie 1893 days ago

What a great picture!!

loveGaGa_1 2140 days ago

ur so talented! x

SandwichDance 2141 days ago

OMG. It's Greaat ♥

MonsterSone_ 2141 days ago

aww dasvist süß :D du bist also die von svz xD wusste ich gar nicht :) du kannst mega gut zeichnen!

LittleMonstaa 2141 days ago

OMGaga! Her eyes! *__* I'm excited for your next drawing, they're all so perfect! <3 <3 <3 <3

YouatemyBrain 2142 days ago

OMGaga This is AMAZING X

PaulaLilMonster 2143 days ago

And again, you show the great talent you have Natalie. I loved this picture too, is so pure, Lady Gaga looks so precious <3 Really, this picture is wonderful. I miss you so much baby, love you #MonsterSister :)

darktheindance 2143 days ago

:O natalie ure soo talented! :D hope that gaga see that ! i love u! :D

Alejandros_Love 2143 days ago

FUCK !!!! so amazing god bless your hands *_* and of course you and your pretty face too! THX

CrissAbraham 2143 days ago

awwww thats Beautiful :) love it!