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#medmystery. should be an ez one this week. guesses?

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2029 days ago

#medmystery. should be an ez one this week. guesses?


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BrainProyectMD 2023 days ago

Hiperflexion fract-Lux of L2, maybe seatbelt trauma? High altitude fall?

potatogranpa 2028 days ago

Swallered a minature Hasbro Glow Worm?

likeaglove2 2028 days ago

Burst fracture of L2 vertebrae? Big chance of affecting the L2 nerve

MandaK 2029 days ago

Severe spinal stenosis as a result of either an untreated pars defect at L1/L2 or blunt force trauma possibly from car accident, fall down the stairs, motorcycle wreck or baseball bat to the back. I personally have an L4-L5 fusion from a pars defect worse

rabornmd 2029 days ago

Vertebral Fracture with retropulsion of bone fragments and the aorta does not look normal

carolynemay 2029 days ago

Fractured vertebrate looks painful..maybe a car accident

LeauxWeez 2029 days ago

Could have been alot worse w/o seatbelt! I'd take a fusion over brain damage or death anyday! Seatbelts Save Lives!

ChrissyCarnage 2029 days ago

Ouch. Fusion's gonna be painful on this one. What the heck caused this?

LeauxWeez 2029 days ago

Wow! I'm guessing a fusion will be taking place soon! I'm just a Medical Assistant w/ 6 yrs exp in NS...What happend to this person?

LongevityMD 2029 days ago

Hi speed seat belt injury