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On now  Hilary Duff. She's new to twitter @HilaryBeeC!

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2250 days ago

On now Hilary Duff. She's new to twitter !


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helcat11 2242 days ago

Kelly, your picture is gorgeous. Love watching you, and hope to get tickets to your show.

jessiemacken 2246 days ago

lol..i see we have a few Kelly stalkers. Come on people, be true to yourselves, Kelly has had her day in the sun. And that has never been more evident than when standing next to Hilary Duff. Wow she's beautiful!!

Kramer1989 2247 days ago

Well, it continues to happen. Kelly Ripa keeps getting MORE & MORE BEAUTIFUL every single day!

Dyaus_Piter 2248 days ago

Thanks! Kelly Ripa has probably fantasized about killing Regis. In fact, I think we all have.

Dyaus_Piter 2248 days ago

The doctor says, “I messed up. This is the wrong needle. This one has rabies.” Regis has become a wild animal. Kelly has no choice. She has to put him down. She takes out the pistol she keeps in her handbag. She shoots Regis dead.

Dyaus_Piter 2248 days ago

Halloween Show idea: Regis gets his flu shot. He starts frothing at the mouth. He walks over to Gelman and hugs him. Gelman is grossed out by the drool. Regis bites down hard on Gelman’s neck. A geyser of blood shoots out of the wound.

Dyaus_Piter 2249 days ago

Halloween Show idea: Regis is on the operating table. Doctors Gelman and Ripa pull out his intestines. Blood squirts everywhere. A (real) squirrel scurries out of his open chest.

nikki_766 2250 days ago

Two beautiful ladies with one handsome fellow!

ReinadoPotter 2250 days ago

never seen a girl so beautiful I love this girl too... follow me

sheloveshilary 2250 days ago

OMG *-*

letis64700 2250 days ago

You're still wonderful Kelly!I like Regis'tie!

tatiduff 2250 days ago

shes perfectttttt :)

DUFF_sel 2250 days ago

woooo perfecta !! love you the best

comeclean_ 2250 days ago

very beautiful. she's a diva! BrazilLovesHilary

Jaimyhoutzager 2250 days ago

Smokin' hot!

MarvelousBitch 2250 days ago

Hilary looks so beautiful♥ When not? Haha... I loved her hair!

danieelcs 2250 days ago

RT: Hilary looks amazing ! (3) PLEASE BACK 2 THE MUSIC !! lol

LivinInTheScars 2250 days ago

she looks gorgeous ♥

Benkis993 2250 days ago

Hilary looks amazing ! (2) PLEASE BACK 2 THE MUSIC !! lol

Yassine_Dr 2250 days ago

Hilary looks amazing !