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Bubba Clem pres/CEO Host of Bubba Radio Network

Here's one for. Maybe more tommrrw.

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1726 days ago

Here's one for. Maybe more tommrrw.


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TheBillMiller 1608 days ago


Diggindeeep 1711 days ago

Bubba, you got game!!

Cracker0309 1724 days ago

Mad Props Bubba!!!! Thats what you call a Trophy Wife. Beautiful, Sexy and Classy what more can you ask for?

dsthrasher 1725 days ago

What the bell you looking at the scale for?

janglemyer 1725 days ago

Hahaha Bubba has a medical scale. I figured he would need to use the one at the Tampa Zoo. Wife is smoking hot

ndave61 1725 days ago

hmmm hmmmm good, that's what heather is hmm hmmm GOOD

PrincePoppicock 1725 days ago

I love u in a non faget way

TheRealDingles 1726 days ago

Holy shit ..instead of tweeting all night long with a bunch of dudes I'd be balls deep in that shit bubba!

crueaholic 1726 days ago

Bubba, ur old lady is smokin brother. I'm on my way to the bathroom

mdshortridge 1726 days ago

WOW !!! What a hot body

FTEDoughboy 1726 days ago

good God....just when I thought it coudn't get any better...BAAAAM, helloooooooo ASS!!! wow Bubba, U DA MAN!!

bigslim76 1726 days ago

damn bubba wish my wife looked that fine.

bangalorewilly 1726 days ago

very nice...i have seen more in older pics

febail 1726 days ago

You're ok Bubba... Thanks

mastefelixmia 1726 days ago

dude your my hero! you got the best job in the world

EduardoGarrardo 1726 days ago

That poor scale.

fstodd 1726 days ago

She is sooo hot! you are one lucky dude.

PatrickSeward35 1726 days ago

Holy shiz WOW. Ur lucky as hell.

BubbaArmyGuy 1726 days ago

very sexy