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Told Ya! New Tattoo! 101010: SO BINARY!

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2028 days ago

Told Ya! New Tattoo! 101010: SO BINARY!


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95NCIS 1994 days ago

cool, now u'll remember when u did it! Smart. But didn't it hurt? :S

RelaxationsMT 1996 days ago


luvalworshipone 2004 days ago

My Birthday Pauley!! Awesome Tat :)

toxicwallflower 2014 days ago

old school....:)

NCISteamABBY 2023 days ago

loveeee it!!!!!!

MrsNCIS 2028 days ago

Cool tattooo! <3 in roman numbers it is X/X/X, porn day! lol and 101010 means 42 in decimals.. right?

BeccaCrowley 2028 days ago

Forgot to ask earlier, where is this tattoo? Your arm?

MarieEdwards429 2028 days ago

very interesting :)

Rachiiee2010 2028 days ago

Love the tattoo unique :)

JesecahLouise 2028 days ago

Very Nice, We Love Ya Pauley P!! =)

Ziver92x 2028 days ago

Cool tattoo!!! ^^

NemesisDragon 2028 days ago

Cool. It was also my mom birthday to.

CrashIndy 2028 days ago

Very cool. Loving it.

punxnmetal 2028 days ago

way awesome ,where bouts is it though,its so cool

AllieMaheral 2028 days ago


bonniejacobs 2028 days ago

COOL!! 101010 (base two (binary)) = 42 Also divisible by 7 (lucky) & 6 (unlucky) Ying & Yang

Kimi_Pie 2028 days ago

WOW! Very nice :D

surferlisa_jane 2028 days ago

Epic, #42day.

le_ela 2028 days ago

wicked :)