Peter Facinelli


I pretend to be other people... In real life that's called schizophrenia. If you get paid to do it its called acting.

Rockin the skinny jeans way back when they were simply known as tight hand me downs...

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1871 days ago

Rockin the skinny jeans way back when they were simply known as tight hand me downs...


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larryclique 1580 days ago

Oh my god. This is the cutest thing I've EVER seen. How come you were so hot back then too? ;)

sdmorales 1582 days ago

You were a cute kid!

Culkin48f 1781 days ago

p47n Hi take a look at

LizzieBVB 1846 days ago

awww all grown up now hey dr Calisle/'Coop' Cooper lol playing lots of doctors!! sexy in scrubs ;)

Patti_Cullen 1851 days ago

cute, you havn´t changed in your face =)

AmyRosaRose 1855 days ago

oh my is that really you????x then looking again it looks a bit like you! x

RobinK83 1855 days ago

I think Kanye West wore that same jacket last week...

Just_Being_F1o 1855 days ago

awwwww you can see who it is ;) thats so sweet :) x

PriceTag218 1856 days ago

awwwwwwwwww how cute! :)

JennyBRUTAL 1856 days ago


TeamRonaldo07 1856 days ago

Awwww, you were adorable!

daixxxy 1859 days ago

lady-killer ;)

_Parii 1859 days ago

Ah so cute! :)

Chemye 1860 days ago

Man how old wuz he then, i mean really him the and now i see no similarity but adorable all the same....................

Going4Greatness 1861 days ago

Justin Bieber borrowed your style it seems! Smart kid... very smart!! ~xx GabiGOODIE

jonasskyline 1861 days ago

Again...this is so cute peter :D

TwiLifeLover 1861 days ago

Ohh, I'm not gonna lie-I'm LMAO !! haha, you look funny dude!

KellyDavies32 1868 days ago

Hahaha! You were obviously perfecting the pose for the camera's right back then! LOL!

lemur236 1869 days ago

bad luck ... I'd like to be your neighbor at the time: (

kizilmasske 1869 days ago

ohhh very swith.))young handsome boy.))