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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

Sometimes I think that after a haircut my hair will not be crazy. But it stays crazy.

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2151 days ago

Sometimes I think that after a haircut my hair will not be crazy. But it stays crazy.


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rluqui 2097 days ago

Eu acho que o cabelo do Sandman é um aspecto meio que "auto biográfico" do trabalho do

kimiberr 2150 days ago

I'd like the think that the hair represents what the brain is doing. I say, order in chaos.

allilluminated 2150 days ago

it's always reminded me of Dream/Morpheus

GingerLujka 2151 days ago

yeah, there's that pride of lions, I can see it now... :-P

dragonsbard 2151 days ago

Your hair is unique and awesome. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

NicoleBorheier 2151 days ago

Waiting for the arm that pulls me into it. :)

Hermionesghost 2151 days ago

This sounds very much like I problem I read about a young boy in a book once. His name was Harry Potter.

JenGon 2151 days ago

my 3 month old son has very simular hair, just not as long... yet. yours is almost as cute. I may be bias

theonlykatwoman 2151 days ago

Crazy hair is good.

astropati 2151 days ago

Good to know. I like crazy hair. Er... Was it crazier before the haircut?! ... Wow!!

ShaunHume 2151 days ago

It looks like it was dodging the scissors the whole time.

Sharkspeer 2151 days ago

Sorry about that - I couldn't resist tousling it just a little. You looked like you needed a good hair-tousling.

ThandraLeaes 2151 days ago

Like Morpheus :D

inquisitiveowl 2151 days ago

Not quite that "brushed with a hand grenade" look, but more tousled in my book.

torefischer 2151 days ago

all strange interesting comic characters have mussed hair. creates rebellion and ability to think outside the box

phoebesmum 2151 days ago

It's entirely possible that the crazy hair is your puppetmaster and without it the Jig Would Be Up. Or, er, not.

JuHalliwell 2151 days ago

i dont mean to stare,mister you've got crazy hair ;)

tildataddeck 2151 days ago

Crazy can be a good thing. This crazy is a good crazy

sanetv 2151 days ago

Right now you are neck & neck w/ Joe Flanigan for the wildest hair. That's a good thing. I don't trust people w/ obedient hair.

MissMarionette 2151 days ago

Whenever I wake up my hair manages to quiff itself into a halo of crazy much like your own, more commonly known as the 'Robert Pattinson Syndrome'. Tis a hard cross to bear xo