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i enjoy music, style and food. just a normal teenage kid. dont act different.

oh look, i can just edit like @sponngeebobb fake. if she can do it, why can't us? :)

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2031 days ago

oh look, i can just edit like fake. if she can do it, why can't us? :)


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biebergirl_07 1797 days ago

ok then y dont u take a pic of u and post it without something on ur face?

JuliaSmilez 1862 days ago

lol awh you dmed yourself? wierdo (;

Hashton1D 1874 days ago

that shit is as fake as this twitter account, this is NOT BIEBER u_u he is busy, he barely has time for his REAL twitter (justinbieber) u THINK he is going to be on this shit all the day? in contrast with this loser justin DOES have stuff to do...

biebers0mers 1882 days ago

this so isnt edited....you just DM'd yourself ;)

Princess_Sousue 1914 days ago

Its so easy really to edit cause the BG is white anyone can do it.. that kid is a true fake

JasmineVDK 1923 days ago

did u edit it ? how?

natashalianaaa 1932 days ago

i u even can send it bu urself!! :D

ItsStephGrafS 1963 days ago

yu didnt edit it...u send it to yourself

TheTopBelieber 1987 days ago

ok so now we all know is fake lol

J_Bieber101 1997 days ago

I dont get it:/

HelenaWSupport 2008 days ago

Uh, i dont get it

ItsStephGrafS 2015 days ago

due this is hard for me to say but i just gotta say it althought it breaks my herat to say it here i go ........................................ UR JUSTIN BIEBER

KidrauhlOppa 2020 days ago

yeahh, whyyy can't usssss? (;

juanibiebsnickj 2024 days ago

She have Luck ... But Justin never reed my tweets, he ignore me ... This is so SAD :( I hope that a SOME DAY JUSTIN ANSWERD ME O FOLLOW ME , I WOULD BE THE GIRL MOST HAPPY

justinb_dreamer 2025 days ago

Rafagrossi8 2028 days ago

you r justin bieber bahahahahahaha

brianna8871 2029 days ago

Lololol . .he showed her huh?

MillieMahomie 2029 days ago

dude u r justin

xAlwaysSmilex 2030 days ago

Ermm.......why does it say SHE?

xAlwaysSmilex 2030 days ago

no wait whats fake?