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a guy next to me driving while reading a book...Oprah would be both delighted and furious

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1655 days ago

a guy next to me driving while reading a book...Oprah would be both delighted and furious


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HayaAlageel 1483 days ago


vincentbrock 1565 days ago

And you're taking a photo of him while driving. What's worse?

danieljackson56 1572 days ago

Holy Crap! And I thought texting and mobile cells were dangerous.

kennethp1 1654 days ago

Hey Jimmy, all of your shows were reruns this week!!!!! You're taking ANOTHER vacation? How the hell many do you get each year? I want your job!!!!!

clarkbartron 1655 days ago

Im pretty sure he's reading "The Communist Manifesto" - Notice the red star on the dash. I'll bet he's muslim and an Obama supporter as well.

knitta_please 1655 days ago

He has the same air freshener as me. It was on clearance at Target last week for $1.68. Score!

jo_mmn 1655 days ago

Probably he's reading drivers manual...

the_awesomenerd 1655 days ago

He's reading Oprah's biography .

allensalamanca 1655 days ago

He likes 2 read along while he's listening to the audio book of "They Call Me Baba Booey". What's wrong with that?

djahiru 1655 days ago

that's not illegal, but talking on the phone with eyes on the road is?

christey_l 1655 days ago

are you driving while taking this pic?

hichamoon 1655 days ago

hes reading "learn how to drive in 20 minutes"

CarolEdie 1655 days ago

Its a trick - The book is upside down. He's really looking at porn mags on his lap.

Serly153 1655 days ago

Finally - a problem illiteracy would solve.

ZenGrouch 1655 days ago

Obviously reading the ever popular self-help book, *How to Pick Up Chicks with Dicks*

rockingcrazy 1655 days ago

that is what college does to you!!

onemeg 1655 days ago

That is awesome, that has to be worse than texting :D