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I am a monkey

This is in a TEXT BOOK, where FACTS are meant to be. Not square's opinions.

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2154 days ago

This is in a TEXT BOOK, where FACTS are meant to be. Not square's opinions.


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JustRob1978 1990 days ago

Sue them.

Bilbo2_0 2033 days ago

Wow! How uncool, narcissistic and propagandist is that? Just sayin!

VonsterVon 2044 days ago

offensive? wtf? that's offensive to put you in a book calling you offensive. stupid fucks.

Luvzi12 2121 days ago

Why have they put your picture as the opposite of defensive and a running black man as someone who is insulting? Racism.

PriscillaBorden 2150 days ago

at least you look pretty :D usually they pick the worst picture ever.

queen_bitchh 2150 days ago

If I were funny like you, this would be my biggest accomplishment. I love offending people. I wish I was you.

elhun 2150 days ago

Seriously? So many people had to approve this book before it was published and the best picture they could come up with for offensive was yours? Now that's offensive.

Tanom_tw 2150 days ago

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nihaokittie 2153 days ago

LOL! Is this for reals? AWESOME!

Cyrghost 2153 days ago

Maybe they are trying to provoke the kids into defending you. Which would make it a good textbook.

gillianorley 2153 days ago

You look up "offensive" in the textbook and there's a picture of . . . Holy Cow!

jardallas 2153 days ago

He would probably want to score in a different way if he saw your pic.

PoisonRituals 2153 days ago

hahah wtf.. take it as a compliment sarah!

JojiMyers 2153 days ago

It's a poitical party in the Netherlands and military movement, reason found not to reply, i.e. this comparison

Dbone4udx 2153 days ago

Mmmmm....pretty sure this just makes me love you more than I already did. Your Awesome and you know it :)

crafty60 2153 days ago

Its a nice picture.

richiewalkerjr 2153 days ago

You're in a textbook?!
You're in a textbook!!
Just be thankful it's not a science textbook and we're checking out your yoo-hoo(vagina)!!

Eric_Baird 2153 days ago

Design an alternative page with the editor's face alongside a female pubey region and the caption "C___ vs C____? "

TiltedHorizons 2153 days ago

Running out of bounds v. towards goal line is offensive stupidity and is offensive.

niboswald 2153 days ago

That stereotype of an African-American excelling at sports is offensive. Your tweet about this is on the offensive.