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I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape, other times I'm not. Hey, you gotta live, you know?

My turn to loop. It's called ADR. Hanx

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2088 days ago

My turn to loop. It's called ADR. Hanx


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TheHummingHouse 1741 days ago

We did this once with a bunch of puppets! Tough putting headphones on a rambunctious puppet.

Vivianazrzhe 1933 days ago

sweet pic read this artcle I just got an ipad for like $20

betsyakh 1988 days ago

YES IT IS AUDIO DIALOGUE REPLACEMENT . It looks like your looping all over the place, hang in there! Looks like I'm looping as well.

grooveline_org 1996 days ago

ADR = AUDIO DIALOGUE REPLACEMENT, that is what he is doing , hard job!!

hurl771 2011 days ago


oceanpalma 2033 days ago

Tom dont work too hard or your vision will be as blured as the camera taken this shot

Badmaalondon47 2034 days ago

Tom I loooove Forest Gump. You are such an amazing actor hands down.

ChuanpitrK 2051 days ago

Wow, the film is getting close to completion. Go ahead & enjoy looping Tom.

eMobiONE 2057 days ago

Guys, I think you misunderstood it when I said "Time for a FAST BREAK", I'm not THAT tired..or hungry.

SelAlves 2066 days ago

Quando que seu filme vai esta pronto? :)

leslymill 2068 days ago

So is that a HUGH stack of IHOP pancakes OR DOUGHNUTS.....

writerJack 2068 days ago

This is so great -I all so have a story for you Tom

theecoshow 2077 days ago

Wow been there done that, not my fav thing to do in films

rhyain 2084 days ago

umm...ok, if you say so...

Oneoliner 2086 days ago

Isn't this all a bit too much for a home kitchen video ?

DVDFILM 2086 days ago

miker1972 2086 days ago

Did you sat loop or poop, heheh .. just jokes :)

trudesolberg 2087 days ago

how many loops Tom ? Nice picture

skatejackson 2087 days ago

adr...hmmm. tom, i think u'll need to spell it out for us.

VickiWBreen 2087 days ago

A legend at work x