Kim Kardashian


New York STAND UP!

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2038 days ago

New York STAND UP!


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NazaNEYn 1865 days ago

Love this one <3

TheGeralLara 1970 days ago

New York rules! :)

alinnystw 2008 days ago

adorably beautiful. Love you ♥

razberri4eva 2013 days ago

yeaaa ny! but wait, did give that to u lol

legentleman13 2013 days ago

yeahhhhhh, nice look, represent ? ^^

YouCraveBieber 2021 days ago

ahahahhaa im from NY(;

Luiza_Sampaioo 2023 days ago

I'm from Brazil...But I LOOVE NY...Kisses

Jessi4320 2023 days ago

im from Cali. but NY looks like its a nice place

OfficialMychalV 2023 days ago

im from new york :D

VictorCdias 2023 days ago

i love Ny !

ReadyForCyrus 2024 days ago

#Random x)

hana_shaniqua 2025 days ago

I love this pic! it's like a typical teenage pic i would take of myself!!!

atcomaart1 2025 days ago

kelsey1572 2027 days ago

Kim I swear to God you are the baddest bitch on the planet!! Even when we still cant see your face :)

dsmagana 2027 days ago


heavenwings 2028 days ago

kim my sista u have real swag,keep f w/those black the best.

JoDeeLail 2028 days ago

omg i love this lipglosss
which one is it i need to get it!!!

annoraaaa 2028 days ago

she's wearing it!

itsnatbbz 2028 days ago

no.Just no.

del_da_jewla 2028 days ago

hate the yankees but damn she makes it look sexy