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I am Philip DeFranco. I am a time lord, the black sheep of youtube, and creator of SourceFed + The Philip DeFranco Show.

Yay whiteboard wall. Linz drew the cactus haha. We get furniture tomorrow. :)

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2155 days ago

Yay whiteboard wall. Linz drew the cactus haha. We get furniture tomorrow. :)


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Wenin 2154 days ago

Why is CTFxC on the board, they aren't part of his network, are they? not being there isn't a surprise, as he is part of The Station

Taylor_Cody 2155 days ago

This is so cool. Totally getting this stuff for my room.

S1V4D 2155 days ago

Until you guys get a magic wall like CNN, i'm not impressed!

bporcelli 2155 days ago

That's awesome... can't wait to see the HQ when its done ahah

AndreFSAscensao 2155 days ago

No Shaytards... The wall is not so cool

ShamelessGeek 2155 days ago

Phil's been taking digs at ShayCarl for a while. Since phil shut off him and friends a while back.

jericatru 2155 days ago

nice! hehe

Mastadj 2155 days ago

Wonder what was behind the white circle? Phil's company name????

NicoleNightly 2155 days ago

Tony, stop that! Bad boy! "Phil, get the spray..."

shewearsMAC 2155 days ago

no or shaytards on your list? that's a cheap shot phil since you were the one who discovered him

Tatu7man 2155 days ago

why is the center of the thought bubble whited out? wtf? lol

Chappers200 2155 days ago

CTFxC in the corner ... phil u should go into prankhouse... I just feel that u could be like kingpin and come up with all the good ideas and stuff

OhBellaDoll 2155 days ago

Hahaha! Koolio[:

TheKande 2155 days ago

how much did it cost??

emmarosemc 2155 days ago

Thats doesnt look like paint though, did you not go with ideapaint?

TheJazzProphet 2155 days ago

You should get a paint roller and use it as an eraser.

19nonnahs93 2155 days ago

Oh Tony. Lol. You are awesone!

buddytyree 2155 days ago

Who the fuck needs furniture when you have a cactus drawn on your whiteboard wall?

ADAM_500 2155 days ago


bobjenz 2155 days ago