Nick Groff


Executive Producer and Co-host Investigator for Travel Channel's Series, Ghost Adventures...Friday's at 9pm. I also Co-Founded GAC(Ghost Adventures Crew)

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2031 days ago


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BirdRocKeRWX30 1859 days ago

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh lmfao

ded_whispers 1859 days ago

lol thats funny

VinnysGotSwagg 1859 days ago

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE EXCORCIST AHH!!!!!!!!!

Bmethods70a 1924 days ago

comptroller classier Hi take a look at

Shannon_RIPP 1927 days ago

Ok, that's just scary ass, what nightmares are made of... She looks like she wants to chew on your ear!

StaciMHowell23 1973 days ago

Cool. I love that pic because she's in the 1st Scary Maze.

LuluGACoBsessed 1982 days ago

ok this picture gave me the "hibbi jibbies" creepy lol

GAC4Evr 1982 days ago

Hahaha awesome.

SommerLoar 1986 days ago


hyperninja4 2024 days ago

look out nick she may be standing at the foot of your bed watching u sleep

chargrayciejay 2024 days ago

stop drop and roll man!!!!

TightGACChica 2026 days ago

O, charming lol!

BSB4EVR 2028 days ago

EWW that creapy (not you Nick the doll)

eyeluvsincity 2030 days ago

THAT is some freaky looking s@*!

MxxxVVxxxM 2030 days ago

WTF that's awesome. "f me f me"

A_Indian_Rose 2030 days ago

okay-that is just scary, RUN NICK! RUN!!!!!

MeLocoZ 2030 days ago

I love the Exorcist!

Lupita_GarzaG 2030 days ago

Oh, geez, just by looking at that gives me nightmares. "The Exorcist" is, by far, the scariest movie I've ever seen. No joke!

MrsLammy77 2030 days ago

Wow U really make her look good =.^)

iamCissy 2030 days ago

hmmmm let me guess another fan? lol