Nick Groff


Executive Producer and Co-host Investigator for Travel Channel's Series, Ghost Adventures...Friday's at 9pm. I also Co-Founded GAC(Ghost Adventures Crew)

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2298 days ago


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LuluGACoBsessed 2249 days ago

You look so handsome ;)

GAC4Evr 2249 days ago

You just love your skeletons, Nick;) haha

JSunshine03 2282 days ago

At some point, I think that man needed water, Nick....

Tripp_Ninja 2284 days ago

...I'm guessing Zak ate house cat again didn't he?..good thing you didn't get it this time lol

hyperninja4 2290 days ago

you guys look like bffs

VelvetSparrow 2296 days ago

Here we see the tragic result of one chin-up too many.

MxxxVVxxxM 2296 days ago

paa- paw...there you are!

iamCissy 2296 days ago

is that the same guy your with at execution rocks? lol

trzapfe 2296 days ago

LOL I think you need to feed him a little more!

jamielinda23 2296 days ago

who is that dude

Julie_Horvath 2297 days ago

oops someone already said that joke. Well I hope you guys are having a great time there.

Julie_Horvath 2297 days ago

I guess Zak got food poisoning again. Geez Zak, what happened to all of your muscles lol.

adrianide 2297 days ago

Haha I see you gots your buddy there.
What's y'all doing. Cool pic! :D

Ladyfox7oaks 2297 days ago

Zak get food poisoning again? Poor baby...

Carrie_Klein 2297 days ago

Oh I'm so pleased your guest investigator from Execution Rocks could join y'all!!!! :-)

bansheekat 2297 days ago

you must had a "bone" to pick at that guy ha ha!

1apache2u 2297 days ago

That is cool. I have a 3 ft one hanging in my bedroom!

LisaSavageGAC 2297 days ago

Lmao!!!!!!!! awesome nick!!

lanilecuyer 2297 days ago

You can't even imagine how much fun Salem is on Halloween.....

Positiveway48 2297 days ago

Nick has been possessed again, this time he really did kill Zak!!!