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Today I took my evil character Miltonius and drew him as a good guy. I call this one "Templar of Miltonius"!

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2154 days ago

Today I took my evil character Miltonius and drew him as a good guy. I call this one "Templar of Miltonius"!


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MiItonius 1054 days ago

My whole life is a lie....

ArchfiendTheo 1080 days ago

Did you know, Mirror Realm Drakath was originally a concept for a "Good Guy" version of Miltonius?

FLAM1N 1749 days ago

I love this. Can you release the hair, I like these eyes more than red ones, and cape is epic. release?

AQW_Bluex33 1787 days ago

mah fav armor <3

VulcanBoomAQW 1861 days ago

Will you ever release that cape?

CarnagainaAE 1933 days ago

I can beleive they made this Good Drakaths armor. :(

fabrizio_GS 2022 days ago

plz release that hairstyle :D

guiltius 2068 days ago

effing beautiful. i only could hope to have coloring skills like yourself. a true inspiration.

whatever125 2100 days ago

this is mirror drakath

LeZerky 2114 days ago

hey ! Drakath ! ;D

Zaodlen 2116 days ago

: It was released on the 2nd birthday of aqw which was on october.

DukeyHazard 2116 days ago

uhm what?!? u do know that's mirror drakath and that is rare...r u late or sumthing?!

Maktara_AQW 2116 days ago

This should be cc hard to get item of milt. maybe 13 diamonds of milt and the warlord of milt?

DJTheeJae 2118 days ago

isn't that good drakath's armor

Kemirosho 2150 days ago

You should make a good armour or npc called the Sanctum of Miltonius.

nico0lasaqw 2150 days ago

i got it XD

DarkKuree 2152 days ago

you know that hair type? can the eyes be cc cause having only orange kinda sucks

CaptainKuchiki 2152 days ago

Hm, though in my opinion, this pricing seems fair to me. Armor 1300-1500 ACs. Cape 300-500 ACs.

CaptainKuchiki 2152 days ago

But all should bear in mind, as Miltonius said in the past. He makes the items, he doesn't price them. *Cy Does*

CaptainKuchiki 2152 days ago

This would definitely be an interesting "gift" *to purchase* for ACs on Birthday Event if it released today.