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"Dear God... thank you for this genetically modified food. Amen."

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2152 days ago

"Dear God... thank you for this genetically modified food. Amen."


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mdruhulamind 1126 days ago

Thanks to Allah . . . .
For me light, air and water

RRN13Meier 1542 days ago

Thanks God, looks delicious !!!

massimodeluisa 1776 days ago

lol hahaahhah
Come here to eat italian!!!!!

Free_Volga 1980 days ago

Thanks God for G. M. food, becouse it can me mutant-superhero, as Fantastic 4!

maryaliceblack 2090 days ago

Yummy, looks delicious! Thanks God!! Xoxo

BillDerBerg 2141 days ago

Hola, Jessica "I'm not Latina" Alba, why no 'WORD's from you re: *the RUSSIAN angle* of your *'Sin Sh!tty' flick* Co-Star Brittany Anne "Murphy" Bertolotti's SENSELESS Death?

Tessios 2147 days ago

It luks Yammy~~~!!!

alistairg08 2152 days ago

2 down (cont.) "father,where are you taking us?" God bless all the animals. G B Y

alistairg08 2152 days ago

I'm not for G M food,only G M super hero chics.........LIKE YOU!!!! G B Y

alistairg08 2152 days ago

It's good to pray before eating.God loves the animals so much.....they have senses,(sentient beings) and have brains with intelligence(more than we give them credit for).When the farmer herds them onto the truck to be slaughtered,they think 'father,where

WingNar_Lam 2152 days ago

Mmmmm.. I'm hungry now. :P

Yann_Mouveaux 2152 days ago

Waouh It looks to be a real good meal !!!!!!!!!

I_Love_DRW 2152 days ago

Looks good.

NessaAnneBlack 2152 days ago

Thanks, god! :) Really looks delicious! xx

throb131 2152 days ago

engineered to withstand high altitude, hostess humour and turbulence, I DO go crazy for shrimp

LauraAustralia1 2152 days ago

Oh my lord...wonderful food photo...looks amazing

Leviathon_E 2152 days ago

And this is 1st class ? Really ? Kinda disappointing. Fresh harvested shrimp I'll bet ...LOL };~D

sandrouska 2152 days ago

├ža a l'air immangeable!

EddyMasca 2152 days ago

Why is it genetically modified? Chicken, salad and shrimp with 3 different sauces gotta b yummy!

O13MX 2152 days ago

What is that on the right??? Chicken?