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Saw this parked outside one of our stages.  Nice.

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1611 days ago

Saw this parked outside one of our stages. Nice.


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1953MarysYEAR 1571 days ago

I have OCD! my family complains that I am always on my lap top with season 1&2,too bad family!

PeAcEL0VeLiFe 1590 days ago

ahhhh lovee itttt! its too bad this won't fit in my room =(

GeraldineJ 1609 days ago

That's so beautiful, nice and cool I love it

M51RSBMBGD 1610 days ago

That's so cool!!!! I want one!!!! There's my first car right there!!!! :) :) :) :)

Stana__Katic 1610 days ago

That is Fantastic, it WOULD be phenominal if someone would drive that around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

esmoshka 1610 days ago

Ooh, nice! I agree, they SHOULD! :D

Maclane79 1611 days ago

That is freakin awesome! I'd drive it around for ya! (or a smaller version even)

CastleTV 1611 days ago

They should drive this around everywhere... all the time... just sayin' :)

nofate18 1611 days ago


qyuiop 1611 days ago

nice. but what happened? did anyone take the grips' fake 'no parking' signs they put on van ness? :)

chelseymacky7 1611 days ago

i would drive that everywhere thats def for people with ocd, obsessive castle disorder! :)

ltsAmy 1611 days ago

haaail yeaaaah

cjparker39 1611 days ago

Cool! Way to advertise the best freaking show on tv!!!

Slythermint 1611 days ago

I want that as my car...

Mus1c_ 1611 days ago

Wow, that's so cool!

Yanissa_ 1611 days ago

That's so awesome x