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I Mad Men'd myself -- am

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2038 days ago

I Mad Men'd myself -- am


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geybyaguica 2031 days ago

haha you'll look better 'cause ur so beautiful!!!!...but anyway u made me laugh...Gos Bless u dear Alanis!!!!!!!!

jms_pop 2032 days ago

Martini and cigarettes, just without high heels. Or hell !

HoneyFromYellow 2033 days ago

the world is still wrong... I want more good music from you; fish feel just as much pain as you... vultures win.

emancipated_D 2035 days ago

Alanis i found you more lately.i love you more now

uvacrobat 2037 days ago

Oct 7th '95, JLP No.1 on the US chart (the biggest selling album ever by a female artist) ;) Have a nice day!

moon_fever 2038 days ago

Did it ,too. Really funny. :-)) Suitable swing in the back.. daydudabdabPAUWOWskedeeweepdebepdebedee

superman6672 2038 days ago

I saw a pregnant girl today. She didn't know that it was dead inside.

federicomacagno 2038 days ago

Boy or girl? Names? Good luck!

erichbaptista 2038 days ago

supposed former... :D

olsanches 2038 days ago

For sure that's not you. Bet this baby is being well cared.

AzedinhaDoce 2038 days ago

et qui n'est pas? très jolie!!!

RaquelAmarante 2038 days ago

Hello my psychologist!

Duds01 2038 days ago

Eike Tudo!!!

promeme 2038 days ago


EllaDree 2038 days ago

WOW! Hahah

_MBarcellos 2038 days ago


walkirilla 2038 days ago

I won't miss that chapter! smoking pregnant mom huh? 60s must say!

RaquelAmarante 2038 days ago

your face ... heheheh

Marina_G_S 2038 days ago

you should not smoke!

oiderrota 2038 days ago

ur really prettiest than this:)))