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pasta dish i made with my friend jocelyn -- am

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1546 days ago

pasta dish i made with my friend jocelyn -- am


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JuneMoris 1434 days ago

no sauce?4HealthyGreenSauce blast quickfried spinach in blender.
+splash milk+real butter(+cheez).done

deerrepe 1537 days ago

I thought it was the earth globe

geybyaguica 1538 days ago

uhmmmmmmmm...I'm hungry!!!!!!!!...and I'm so curious u express art in everything u do!!!

ggiegling 1544 days ago

If I had some pasta I would share

erichbaptista 1544 days ago

yummy... and such a beautiful plate - love the art!

superman6672 1545 days ago

I Squirm into you. Now I'm in your gut.

shochojoe 1546 days ago

Wow! That's cosmic. 3 hours ago I ate Penne pasta salad with pesto. My tummy's in tune with Alanis. Mine didn't look as tasty as yours though.

ElsePels 1546 days ago

Did you make the pasta by yourself? Looks great!

Marinho_Marcos 1546 days ago

mmmmmmmmm very good and very exotic......Brasil

jeon8797 1546 days ago

very hungry..........

hugaoo 1546 days ago

i just love knowing your day by day through pictures. please keep doing that. --vbrazil's fan

aubreyo26 1546 days ago

it looks beautiful. great job!

DanielaD2 1546 days ago

doesn't look very tasty to my eyes but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt cos could taste great!

jms_pop 1546 days ago

Full Moon Food

Shemaera 1546 days ago


biancafanhani 1546 days ago

Hey Alanis, Why don`t you invite me? :)

willitones 1546 days ago

Hmmmm! ^^

demasiadojorge 1546 days ago

looks delicious!

jr_sid 1546 days ago

Woww thats nice! I´m hungry! =) love u.

fuckyeahcarol 1546 days ago