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This is why the subway is better than my car.

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2124 days ago

This is why the subway is better than my car.


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Sissi_VillaReal 2014 days ago


Belumare 2088 days ago

You are awesome! Seriously.

googirlsmiles 2089 days ago

No subway here, but I do find just this on a street corner from time to time ...never enough times I might add ....:)

phira360 2122 days ago

There's a pair like them in SF!

harveyharv 2123 days ago

short rides with Subway Elvis ..

brasil_fran 2123 days ago

ehehehe you are crazy ?? heheheh...

stefanierubim 2123 days ago

ALEGRIA isso Que Deixa o Mundo Mais Bonito! te adoro bjss do BRAZIL

Rockets_212 2123 days ago

oh yea ranchera what sng were they singing

BubblesSN13 2123 days ago

i've never been on a subway is it fun?... when i frst heard about this i thought it meant Subway...:)

trevoranderson8 2123 days ago

amazing, live music is pretty legit

LaGemelaMalvada 2123 days ago


Kariny_machado 2124 days ago

It's beyond gridlock and motorists do not get crazy on the street still goes home listening to live music!
excuse my English...

mjjkkmixil 2124 days ago

this is a great pic.. but I'd like to meet you on the subway .... ;)

tatizambianco 2124 days ago

Great pic, Olivia!!! =]

thinkoutloud23 2124 days ago

in your car you can put... the radio? lol

Macreedy 2124 days ago

The subway and the bus in any big city are unique!!

joye25 2124 days ago

Lol i have always a guitar in my car...:):) Great pic!

cerenir 2124 days ago

hahah in madrid subway is annoying when you´re listening to your own music -_-

Me_Interrupted 2124 days ago

ahahah :) cool that YOU take the subway!

KarenDenBleyker 2124 days ago

Lol great. Did they pass the hat for contributions?