Nick Groff


Executive Producer and Co-host Investigator for Travel Channel's Series, Ghost Adventures...Friday's at 9pm. I also Co-Founded GAC(Ghost Adventures Crew)

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1637 days ago


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QUEENMARTI 1570 days ago

the handsome three...Zak?

StaciMHowell23 1577 days ago

Aaron is a little camera shy.

GAC4Evr 1586 days ago

Love you guys!! haha:)

StaciMHowell23 1605 days ago

I'm scared to get on a plane. But nice pic.

ScottBrand21 1623 days ago

Whats going on guys?!

Big Steppin on that plane?

TightGACChica 1629 days ago

Lmao! Goof and spoof!! ;)

MxxxVVxxxM 1633 days ago

peek a boo! so cute

paraantygone 1633 days ago

Good lord. If that's see & hear no evil that leaves Zak as speak no evil....the day Zak stops speaking... LOL

GAC_Princess81 1633 days ago

You are so silly. You guys are way too much. Wish I could travel with you and smile like no other.

xxpaperdollsxx 1633 days ago

lol :) cute guys. havin fun??

Tripp_Ninja 1633 days ago

aw! could you guys get any cuter? lol ^^

iamCissy 1633 days ago

hahaha bonding time with mr. big steppin' guy huh?!

flynn_spn 1633 days ago

Haha you guys are hilarious.

1apache2u 1634 days ago

Peek a boo Aaron!!

bansheekat 1634 days ago

y'all so crazy!

mischa_belle 1634 days ago

nick tell me when we actually land...safely!

cresent4018 1634 days ago


A_Indian_Rose 1636 days ago

Wheres Zak doin "speak no evil"? lol LOVE YOU GUYS!

Dawnalison 1636 days ago

nick is thinkn 'this is what they pay me for?' and aaron is thinkn ' dude no starbucks in coach grr'

gacghcrazzy93 1636 days ago

LOL. Have fun and be careful.