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Goppy64 1953 days ago

Next time, I'm flying to Korea just to see you. Heehee

Acrockstarchick 1955 days ago

Oh i wish I could have gone! I'm super jealous!

Thyale 1962 days ago

So many times I see you, and your hair still kills me!

B2utyfromfrance 2022 days ago

Hello, I'm a french fan of Big Bang, and
in may 8th 2011 there will be a korean event and the personal try to come korean groups in France more especially in Paris for more information ; http://koreanconnectionfr.wordpress.com/

BB_mzkiia 2029 days ago

please come to the US...

Anneigar 2029 days ago

¡¡ Que pena no poder ir a Korea !!

LoveyTaeYang 2035 days ago

i come from germany to korea!!
and come to the soul festival 2010!! *-*
i love you!! >__<

sarnaisaagi 2044 days ago

if i see your face i have full energy and i dreaming all of the days

Kpopismydrug6 2046 days ago

J'aimerais tellement y aller!! Le québec c'est tellement trop loin de la Corée!
Love U YB *O*

guibsYB 2047 days ago

when i see your face ther's not a thing that i would change cause you're amazing just the way u are !!!! I love u soo much YB !! please don't forget that Perú loves u !!!!!

eddykaori 2049 days ago

How was the stage? I hope you did great and enjoyed.=) hmm, I wanted to go there...:(

nchan725 2051 days ago

omg i have this poster at home :D

moniiqaaa 2051 days ago

Arwwww Sol~~ <3 LOVE U!

hysterica05 2053 days ago

Any shows end of this year? ><

nooknick6035100 2053 days ago


Faarah_B 2054 days ago

I really want to go there for see u T~T

lyl2145 2054 days ago

I wanted to go there, never made it... Because's been the experimental period. But my birthday was October 7 days .... ㅠㅠ

Aisha09_AKS 2054 days ago

wish I was in S. Korea...why did i have to live all the way in States! Hope you come on Tour in US 2

rehlovesmusic 2056 days ago

I wish u and all the other members of bigbag could come to Brazil soon, plz??

TK13_YB18 2056 days ago

Love☆Love☆Love☆Taeyang (^ε^)~Chu