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this is the only official ashlee simpson twitter. "click your heels three times and think of me...chick-a-boom"

yay banana just got here, and we are matching!  together at last..

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2504 days ago

yay banana just got here, and we are matching! together at last..


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manuelo23 2021 days ago

they're beautiful blonde a kiss from Valencia (Spain)

ingridDabsey 2044 days ago

luuv ur style Ash!! ;)

mikiL0VESdrazen 2188 days ago

you R0CK!! btw. i really love your red hair !!!!

PauCabreraL 2234 days ago

haha Ashlee
follow me please! ilove you

ham_nerd 2235 days ago

Your hair is pretty, Ashley. Sorry I sound a little dumb but I love the color. peace.

ariel_ariel 2412 days ago


mosoto_com 2418 days ago

hey Ashlee cool pic! come chat on Mosoto!

TeamCoyle 2420 days ago

oh my god sarah grow up seriously people get a life!

sarah174ever 2420 days ago

Ashlee has MAN-HANDS Hhahaha Out of EVERYONE, This Idiot!? are You Serious? is this a Joke!?

smasheyme 2434 days ago

ashlee is so pretty

SaudiBerry 2434 days ago

hannahjamesway your so right, and you can notice that all the haters are girls.. they feeling jealous of the beautiful ash.. i'm sure those bitches have a huge elephant nose!

hannahjamesway 2442 days ago

You know what? I'd like to see the people's noses that say Ash's nose is big. I bet THEIR NOSES ARE HUGEEEEEEE. LMFAO!

SCVintage 2445 days ago

love ur hair

SCVintage 2445 days ago

awww cute

EmilyyMariee227 2448 days ago

Man people are really rude. Stupid jealous haters! You guys are both really pretty! (: Good pic.

RoxxannaDuarte 2450 days ago

so fuuni ash.. so pretty

Ashleesbignose 2451 days ago

Nasty Ass Dorks

HeavenisMoodz 2456 days ago

haha is that gum in her mouth.
fuk the haters....thats why your famous & they're lame-o livin in their mommas basement. [:

Bitch_girl 2460 days ago

ur beautiful ashlee, all the girls are jealous of ur beauty and how sexiness u are!

sourpunkkid 2461 days ago

Looks like Ash need another Nose Job! bang You must have to have a HUGE Nose to have to get 2 Nose Jobs.