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He was sat next to me at a taxi rank,I thought he was being strange so I snuck a picture.

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1692 days ago

He was sat next to me at a taxi rank,I thought he was being strange so I snuck a picture.


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itsKrafty 1299 days ago

I think he was offering you the perfume. You shoulda took it!

cacahouete56 1576 days ago


amyxomurs 1576 days ago

hmm okay?

AldoNotarandrea 1620 days ago

things that make you go hmmmmmmm

Laffy_Taffy_ 1647 days ago

I think that u have beautifull and white....

je_suis_chauve 1674 days ago

Anyway I think I won't sleep tonight ... ( No offense. )

je_suis_chauve 1674 days ago

Maybe he's getting married and he has funny ( but not enough ... ) friends.

Gwenn0s 1686 days ago

maybe he's Aladin, with the gost trapped in the oil lamp, DUH!

jiggyqueen 1690 days ago

maybe he was getting ready to catch a fart, sell it on ebay, i would buy a lily fart in a nice bottle

bobdeewhyian 1690 days ago

Really Lily,where I come from terrorists are as common as blue jeans......

bryanisabitch 1690 days ago

Fucking ridiculous.

MakeTheChange_ 1691 days ago

Mmm strange.

ben_btg1 1691 days ago

I find it works much better with a salt pot on your knee and a pepper pot on your shoulder.

P_L4NE 1691 days ago

yeah unscrew the lid of that end of the world!! made in Affstaniganh by osama bin large one

aamandacalazans 1691 days ago

must say I agree with Aaron Shrimpton! haha

tommiddletonpix 1692 days ago

very strange...

AaronShrimpton 1692 days ago

He's thinking "I'm sitting next to Lilly Allen, MUST ACT STRANGE. Perfume bottle on knee! YES!!"

shezness 1692 days ago

Huh! Well dodge!

Ottisb 1692 days ago

WTF lol I would of kept my distance incase it went booooom

Bumbaklart 1692 days ago

Maybe he is a suicide bummer and that was just his lube? ;-)