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Just a regular Football Sun! Guess what's on the otherside of the room?

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2187 days ago

Just a regular Football Sun! Guess what's on the otherside of the room?


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BravoDirector 2180 days ago

Looks Like The Trading Floor At The Chicago Board Of Trade

melanycuttica 2184 days ago

haha not you bored?

Mefornever 2186 days ago

i meant i don't think Ashton is a good player, i am eating words today :D

Mefornever 2186 days ago

I don't Ashton is a good player :D

FabioSuraci 2186 days ago

a swimming pool? ^_^

BravoDirector 2187 days ago

Mini Bar & Pizza.

UltraEgo 2187 days ago


F0relle 2187 days ago

Don't tell me it's your bedroom. :P

F0relle 2187 days ago

Or fan #1 of fan #34, that means: you. ;)

F0relle 2187 days ago

There is a big opening that leads right into the stadium where you can watch the game directly.

KandyluvsJorge 2187 days ago

I was gonna say a bar but the guys would then probably be on that end.

TAPJR 2187 days ago


kellyjeanhagen 2187 days ago

The Panty liners??? Too funny! And u r killing them! My husband is rolling his eyes!!! Priceless!

tgdaniel60 2187 days ago


Matt6th 2187 days ago


olegsap 2187 days ago

Could it be the sofa?

lararibeiros 2187 days ago


MMark67 2187 days ago

Ok,, Is ashton standing there with his right hand down his pants....??

rrbferrari 2187 days ago

The Buffet & Bar...

hollysarbonne 2187 days ago

Chicks, food, bar - men's football staples "-)