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2344 days ago


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MichaelGSteyn 2014 days ago

Fred Durst: All Rock'n'Roll

FELIXjk007 2311 days ago

No wonder your swing is off, they done sold you the only bent club in the store Fred! ;0) ( I thank you )

momvs3 2333 days ago

Is that the Ojai valley golf course?

DAVEYSUICIDE 2337 days ago

you gotta a good swing homey!

slavomirbencat 2338 days ago

very interesting shoes fred ... wwithout socks ?

frednookie 2340 days ago

hooo yeeeah !!!

honkeey 2341 days ago

That ur ball bout 30 ft to the left.. Smack the caddie take a mulli

KrisKrueger 2341 days ago

i hope u weren't wounded ^.^... Happy Gilmore (don't know how it writes %))

bombayshow 2342 days ago

at least u done an eagle ? :P u rule !

Bizkits777 2342 days ago

Nice shoes! :)))

TheCrazyLirpa 2342 days ago

. uhh... errr... sqints* errr.. no socks??... that can be dangerous! p.s I'm good on Wii.. but in reality i'm scary scary scary with a club!
P.P.S. I met the Dalai Lama, himself , he said...Gunga galunga... gunga, gunga-galunga. So we finish the eight

No0kie 2342 days ago

you playing golf, is so weird

PolinaRivers 2342 days ago

People! You are crazy! No matter what shorts he has! It is important whose ass wear it=)))
P.S. sorry if i make mistakes, i am from Russia))

RobHall24 2343 days ago

haha dude whats with the two gloves?

surpriseamber 2343 days ago

Yea...I'm not any good at golf unless it's on the the same

surpriseamber 2343 days ago

I just had a flash back: Summer Sanitarium. It was the forth time to see LimpBizKit. You walked on to this plat form that was carried into the crowd... unless I was trippin...I would get a high from seeing you crouch all the way down to the floor and jump

aPerfectBizkit 2343 days ago

little boy has become great Man... yeah fred?

Morto88 2343 days ago

D. GOOD SHOT!! I don't see ball!!

LadyNicolina 2343 days ago

lmao love it!!

lbfan1420 2343 days ago

Nice fuckin shorts dude hahaha LMAO. That looks like a nice golf course.