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twitter packs unpacking so much more fun. someone gave me this, off their person, in birmingham alabama (i think). ALL HAIL!!!

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2800 days ago

twitter packs unpacking so much more fun. someone gave me this, off their person, in birmingham alabama (i think). ALL HAIL!!!


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Boombatze 2789 days ago

juhu achselhaare!

Lisa_Furter 2796 days ago

Yes. Where are your clothes? Hahaha, love the necklaceeee

stephenhines67 2799 days ago

Wow. Can't get much sexier than this. Metal Horns + AFP naked = bliss!

curseofthefurse 2799 days ago

You fucking hot bitch.

GuaCComa 2800 days ago

That necklace is sweet; I want one

uglymachine 2800 days ago

Haha, we sell that in the store where I work.

chriscada 2800 days ago

last comment I swear >.< just wanted to show you this picture,that I was wearing it before the show while waiting out front,so maybe you would remember me ...ok now Im done for the night.sorry for the many po

chriscada 2800 days ago

zoe* not kim sorry.But your camera man got the incident on tape and everything.But anyways sorry for the third comment on this picture but Im just really extatic you actually kept it.You said you really liked when meeting so when you all came down for pic

chriscada 2800 days ago

Remember? I went up to meet Hairmachine and you and Kim wound up fighting over it on stage

chriscada 2800 days ago

That wasnt birmingham alabama! That was ft lauderdale Florida by me! :D Im really really glad you like it :)

gentlemannoir 2800 days ago

damn i'm long winded after playing a show. 15 minutes after my encore and i'm on twitter... Fuck!

gentlemannoir 2800 days ago

was Jordan. said he was collecting gifts. Talked to Conor. I'm blacklisted also. something bout him wanting move on. No Love lost.

gentlemannoir 2800 days ago

Yea, it was b'ham... I was right behind the girl that gave it to you. She was in tears during the show... quite moving... I'm now sure you didn't get 'The kids are alright'(the fucking Who!) album i gave one of your 'clingers' before the show... His name

NancyFuknPants 2800 days ago

I want that necklace. You have really nice skin by the way

KaH_was_taken 2800 days ago


Bobbiella 2800 days ago

That is so sweet! You have very generous fans.

RattyJean 2800 days ago

I gave you a drawing and a letter in Birmingham Alabama I hope that you liked them both.

lovehound 2800 days ago

you have lovely clavicles.

kurometarikku 2800 days ago


totalfrog 2800 days ago

Maybe they wanted you to pass it on to ?