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There's a dinosaur in my bedroom!

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1762 days ago

There's a dinosaur in my bedroom!


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DaCyrusClique 1429 days ago

LOOL. Gosh.. I used to have that computer O.o

cabazzanella 1486 days ago

oh my goddddddddddddddddd, old times!

evapotterporter 1570 days ago


ddlovatofan4ev 1658 days ago

haha I still have a computer like that too..... I'm using it right

geoctopus_ 1662 days ago

rawr you to ;D x ............... dino translator ............. RAWR ! = I LOVE YOU !

Michellynelly 1695 days ago

Quick! Call xD

aMACEingMacer 1708 days ago

hes sayin that because its such an old copmuter. Its a figure of speech.

LaurenBlondie5 1710 days ago

I don't get it...its a computer. I don't see a dinosaur haha I'm confused

daniclaw 1712 days ago

this is so funny(:)

Nutterlily 1740 days ago

and say that u had it before me .. i will get millions .. u should sell it u know buy a mac with the money :)

Nutterlily 1740 days ago

i will buy it of u and sell it on Ebay lol

ShelbyCag_love 1747 days ago

Can it say rawr? (:

AimeeAllStar 1752 days ago

D I N O S A U R a Dinosaur(;

AllStar_Short 1752 days ago

lol at least u have on not like me :D

outoftownrauhl 1761 days ago

man those computers used to work so well... i just had to get rid ofmy 10 year old dinosaur! IT WORKED FOR 10 YEARs! Then it got a virus cuz of limewire:'(

DaArianaChick22 1762 days ago

OMG!! Its a Cama-sarus rex!!

Payal_NucksMT 1762 days ago

aahhaha theres a old dinosaur there :P

oneandonlySloan 1762 days ago

lolz :)

_xoDiana 1762 days ago

Haha! That's funny!! :)

luisidd 1762 days ago

hahahahahaha I have the same dinosaur