Philip Klein


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"Unions, Dump Your Israel Bonds!" #onenation

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2303 days ago

"Unions, Dump Your Israel Bonds!" #onenation


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WhenJenHappens 1887 days ago

In resonse 2 the people holding the banner. Genesis 12:3. You don't want on the wrong side of G-d!

WhenJenHappens 1887 days ago

The republicans haven't done us NE favors either! Bush/Rice pushing land4peace. JustAsBad

WhenJenHappens 1887 days ago

I'm a Jew , and don't get it myself.They must want their freedoms taken away.

number9r 2303 days ago

Gee, Homer-watz so racist 'bout dat? -seriously- WHO exactly is racist??? #onenationNOTunderGOD #epicfail

TheJakehole 2303 days ago

stupid nazis

plove360 2303 days ago

Why do Jews vote democrat again?

LanaDelBreezy 2303 days ago

I don't understand why America keeps supporting Israel. It has nothing to do with them being Jewish.

SongofSongs1_2 2303 days ago

#onenation that used to stand with our only friend #Israel God wion't be mocked!