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Joining the fight, not the club.

"Fox News is unconstitutional!" at the 10/2 union reunion

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2301 days ago

"Fox News is unconstitutional!" at the 10/2 union reunion


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undergroundprof 2301 days ago

And she gets to vote too! yay.

corlpj1001 2301 days ago

Since when is the left worried about what is constitutional?

girlymctx 2301 days ago

It looks like she's one of MANY there who has a bigotted view towards Fox News & their very FAIR & BALANCED coverage of the news. Oh & She's seems pissd that any opposing side is able to spread the TRUTH W/FACTS/BELIEFS to others. She's one of

BillySmith2 2301 days ago

The only answer to this placard is as follows "Liberalism is a mental disorder" That is all.

NYCMightyRighty 2301 days ago

I bet most of those people at rally dont have a copy of the Constitution or the Dec of Indy

Joe4Liberty 2301 days ago

#1. To see that at the WWII memorial makes me puke.
#2. Here's the First Amendment just for that dummy:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or

girlymctx 2301 days ago, who spelled out the words for this incoherent, daft, ignorant woman? Go Texas Tea Partiers!

R0NlN 2301 days ago

Looks like a mass-produced sign to me. Wonder how many union dues $$ went to printing signs?

3K9Blog 2301 days ago

probably never read the Constitution... or watched FOX News for that matter...

Shawna_Renea 2301 days ago

"The layman’s constitutional view is that what he likes is constitutional and that which he doesn’t like is unconstitutional." - Justice Hugo Black

GooseCretian 2301 days ago

Thank goodness she put the arrow there because I didn't know where to read next. Whew!

homebody1026195 2301 days ago

They are all union workers repaying their demon-crat masters

mjgmatx 2301 days ago

She'd have to know what the Constitution is to call something or someone unconstitutional.

Charrenee75 2301 days ago

These people are making asses out of themself.

LibDisser 2301 days ago

Gives new meaining to the word "twitpic".

kabmn00 2301 days ago

whats the saying? life's a bitch, then some worthless union makes u hold a sign

Iloveda50cent 2301 days ago

Is that I see there in the crowd looking for black dick?

fmillner 2301 days ago

She's probably being paid minimum wage to hold that sign.

DIDJA 2301 days ago

Most likely doesn't even know what the constitution is.