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Holy shitballs!!   I found a dinosaur!

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1882 days ago

Holy shitballs!! I found a dinosaur!


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Koravaya 1863 days ago


nakeitashalon 1868 days ago

Damn, OLD SCHOOL!! Now I really feel old

75shovel 1882 days ago

Can you imagine the germs on that thing & we use to put our mouths right up to it!!!Gross!!!

furbabys 1882 days ago

No shit! I haven't seen one in years?? where oh where did you find this? Oh Wait?Don't tell it's anitique & may get stolen by location revelation!

maggieb95 1882 days ago

You are having one hell of a week! lol

mgough 1882 days ago

What's a 'Collect Call?' LOL

wiredpup 1882 days ago

just imagine if you found an actual phone booth!

DamonPettit 1882 days ago

Wow, first Larry King and now this!

AlyzabethM 1882 days ago

I think I've forgotten how to use one of those.

JamieOhh 1882 days ago

I thought I was going to see another picture of Larry King.

ericalea23 1882 days ago

What the hell is that!? LOL!

terabooker 1882 days ago


LaotianChick 1882 days ago

Yes, they still do exist in this day an age. Hahaha

XOne_Way_MuleX 1882 days ago are so funny!! :oP