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Hey fellow Twitters, I am Jason Hawes from Scifi channels Ghost Hunters. Spread the word that my page is here.

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2036 days ago


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carolthescot 1997 days ago

At least she died happy!

redRIVERhobo 2026 days ago

nancy pelosi???

redRIVERhobo 2026 days ago

michelle obama???

DamonCorbitt 2026 days ago

im strangely attracted............

ghosthunter1500 2029 days ago

only a face a mother could love.LOL

BlackMagik91 2029 days ago

lol how can u say no to those eyes? xD

RoxyPetro 2030 days ago

Tales from the crypt.!!! jajaja

Beneficus_Lamia 2030 days ago

Whatta pretty beautiful green eyes she has! :o)

Amazinglywow 2030 days ago

Jay she is smiling because she just loves the shawl you knitted for her. :)
So is that a carving in wood or what? She needs some Pledge, badly.

sylviajeanrogan 2033 days ago

reminds me of the movie, Psycho!

Luckyminnie13 2035 days ago

Did someone forget to feed grandma again?

super_scooter 2035 days ago

that's creepier than most of the stuff you probably find on investigations...lol

auntie_mo56 2035 days ago

and a lovely thing she is, too!!

emmymac90 2036 days ago

bet it was the green eyes that drew you in..

LaurenAntoni 2036 days ago

Yeah, a real babe! xD
What a great find!

EdanDT 2036 days ago

She's beautiful in so many ways but the snot-green eyes are the selling factor for me!! lol

izzyt84 2036 days ago

Oh Jason, you're right. She is freaking hott!!! Whew baby!

hager1020 2036 days ago

What the hell...? BWAHAHAHA!!!

ollibg 2036 days ago

Ohhh she looks like my ex girlfriend...
Old memories come's over me....

PeaceLove_Jen 2036 days ago

She's so sexy! I'm jealous! :)