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dongjjogui 877 days ago

awesome shot :D

gmzkyucuk 1414 days ago

it's so crowded!!

adriananvr 1418 days ago

You must take me there someday, oppa ^^~ <3

memdrama 1420 days ago


selpipa 1514 days ago

mungkinkah aku akan ada diantara mereka? haaa.. ingin ke Italy!

Cafekko95 1532 days ago

It's so freaking gorgeous!!! Wah.....!!!

NiiNa_x3__ 1547 days ago

Italy at nighttime <3

kaokal 1568 days ago

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ♥

elfynatz 1571 days ago

wow!!!!!!!!! soooooooooo nice oppa!=)

AsiasAnchovyFTW 1572 days ago


jesselle11 1597 days ago

hey oppa where are you??

cristinario_95 1609 days ago

is it milan or venice?? i can't remember...but i think that is probably milan

MK_Caballero 1611 days ago

oooohhhhh ITALY...soo pic...:))))

hieenandkyuhyun 1619 days ago


High taste in photography place Excellent

hieenandkyuhyun 1623 days ago

احبك الى الابد باااااااااااااااااااي

hieenandkyuhyun 1623 days ago

Hahahaha beautiful when you do something during the intermission at the university in the afternoon I sit on the chair and hopes people will always Maickon
I Sedaghaty

yuana1609 1624 days ago

nice view.

aXel88_ 1624 days ago

It's San Marco??????? Uoh! When I stayed there, was during the Carnival...^^

hieenandkyuhyun 1624 days ago

Something beautiful do not laugh at me when observing people in the street came to me the moment of hope

puntinhos 1626 days ago

ITALIA!!!!!!!! la ciudad del amor???