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Here's my "Infernal of Miltonius" armor! I also made this into a monster which will be named something else.

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1445 days ago

Here's my "Infernal of Miltonius" armor! I also made this into a monster which will be named something else.


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NyarlathotepAQW 1205 days ago

So, can we haz this wep at some point? :P

DukyRamljakj 1293 days ago

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Dagetheevili 1364 days ago

Miltonius will Juggernaunt quest go rare?

Flairthehero 1402 days ago

I think the monster's name is 'Living Fire' Right?

Maku098Aqw 1404 days ago

Hey isnt that sword from the mafic dragon?

awesomeness511 1429 days ago

eh i like it hopefully we can get helm too tho :P

LorAbb1996 1435 days ago

dude not everyone supossed to kno??

demonsalvation 1437 days ago

the magma armor droppd from mafic dragn shuld be this and the livng fire should look like the magma armor in game

DukeyHazard 1438 days ago

so....is this gonna replace the crimson plate and stuff? or are u gonna make a different quest with different requirements?

ZackeryReyes 1438 days ago


LightningZStar_ 1439 days ago

Heh. Kreath's Armor

_daniloalves 1439 days ago


Zaodlen 1439 days ago

I wish that i was a moderator so i could wear any armor i want even miltonius armors

GDarkMoon 1439 days ago

I hope both armor and sword becomes available to players. Currently we have only Magma Armor.

WarknightAE 1440 days ago

Dude I miss Miltonius's awesome art D: Miltonius FTW Nobody is better!

RetrocidoNegro 1440 days ago

I keep hearing about "Arcane" Infernal and Warlord coming out this week. If it does, i pray not for totems....

Zaodlen 1440 days ago

you r goin' to put them in your area aren't you milt?

Rowneen 1441 days ago

o-0 Living Fire from Mafic?

LordSlayR 1442 days ago

Another 3 totems quest with some other items required.

VampireMax 1442 days ago

I just love him ^^ Ur best monster eva Miltonius! :P