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But I ended up reusing my rock elemental design.

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2067 days ago

But I ended up reusing my rock elemental design.


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imxfallenx2 2066 days ago


mturf 2066 days ago

its a shame not to see the new design, but i love the new color detailing ^-^. the scratch-like lines are great

NovaDraconisAE 2067 days ago

Classic AQ Magman, anyone? Looks great, Milt, no complaints here. Except, why's he yellow?

IceCannonAE 2067 days ago

Lava element!

GDarkMoon 2067 days ago

NOOOOO! Looks funny, but i liked your previous sketch more. =)

abelnistor 2067 days ago

i hope he drops dages flame armour! :D

McShmoopie 2067 days ago

Vulcan Elemental yay! =D

MephilesAE 2067 days ago

Nice , thro looks quite...lazy compared to the sketch I guess...

Cryoskylos 2067 days ago

HAWT(very literally)

chaossie 2067 days ago

And the head on the top*

Vortecks88 2067 days ago

Volcano/volcanic elemental?

chaossie 2067 days ago

Miltonius maybe can u put the volcano on the back and the on the top, that will look better=)

VampireMax 2067 days ago

Its cewl anyways ^^

SpectralClerus 2067 days ago

very nice =)

Chaoselemental 2067 days ago

lol, easily summed up by "volcano elemental"

zlucasAE 2067 days ago

fusion of Rock Element Fire Element

DisturbedAE 2067 days ago

Well thats what ya get if ya put Rock Element/Fire Element in the same room..

Chaoselemental 2067 days ago

in a AQW style. Very nice.

ZorkKnight 2067 days ago

Rock+Fire=Volcano Elemental!

zlucasAE 2067 days ago