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I made this rough sketch of a monster I plan to make.

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2191 days ago

I made this rough sketch of a monster I plan to make.


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AQWjrlegoguy2 1289 days ago

to make an armor do you start with sketches?
also for requests/the stuff like sugestions for armors??

Tooterser 1974 days ago


imxfallenx2 2173 days ago

nice and (looks like the thing from fantastic 5 ........i mean 8 no 6 no 44444 NO 4 yeah(lol)

ChosenAE 2189 days ago

but u stack with the rock golem design >.<

AQWjom 2190 days ago


imxfallenx2 2190 days ago


Schillehh 2190 days ago

This is cooler then the thing =O this is a other thing! x)

mturf 2190 days ago

its interesting to see some sketch work from ya milton. i very much like ^-^

Eminem763 2191 days ago

Looks like the "thing" from fantastic 4

MM_AQW 2191 days ago

Its the "Thing" from Fantastic 4. >:D

RazzleDazzleAQW 2191 days ago

Face looks a bit like Lester from Akumi o.o!

Dracorath 2191 days ago

Volcanic FTW?

mieteor 2191 days ago

I hope a helm of this comes out

DisturbedAE 2191 days ago

Miltonius can u plz continu ur area? We miss all ur awsome art there and we want more epic quests! And this Vulcano monster looks realy good simple but awsome!

DarkSidedAQW 2191 days ago

looks like the volcano titan from the Disney Hercules movie zeo!

DarkSidedAQW 2191 days ago

wow. second comment, its a monster he plans to make, who cares what it drops. but anyways can't wait to see the final product!!

ZeoTheIceElf 2191 days ago

Why doe's he look so familiar to me?

Selanoth 2191 days ago

OMG so cool

Mepe_Ruse 2191 days ago

woah! it looks like a walking Volcano

EmeraldWizardAE 2191 days ago

oooh lala