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After throwing shoes I ran to get hairspray and it disappeared. I'll never sleep again.

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1769 days ago

After throwing shoes I ran to get hairspray and it disappeared. I'll never sleep again.


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DeliSchoener 1683 days ago

oooooooooooooh my good :(

agneslefeb 1711 days ago

If you find it in the evening, it's a good omen... As we say "A spider in the evening, Hope!" ;)

SummerGirl_Brii 1729 days ago

Its HEE-UUUGEEE :o holly crapp I'd die.

VTChica19 1737 days ago

I'm sooo glad I'm not the only one to default to hairspray in defense against bugs! I hate bugs!!

JustMeTVDfan 1738 days ago

damn it...i hate bugs...

Karolh84 1745 days ago

I once lied on one , not on the bed but...I didn't know its udner me. wow what a surprise it was . Greets

Lash0587 1757 days ago

I find those little creeps in my pool all the time . . . hate em'. lol

ReaA123 1757 days ago

lol i hate insects except butterflies, (when catapillars become butterflies)

en_marina 1760 days ago

that's what happened to me with a huge ugly moth lately ..creepy! i hate insects, well most of them

BernadetteRead 1762 days ago

eesh I don't blame yu!!!
...just looking at that thing makes me nervous

WintersEveTM 1763 days ago

...its huge....were relatable... HATE BUGS/CREEPIES.

danielle_durham 1766 days ago

strangely tht reminds me of the movie "the covenant"

NightSkyAngelZ 1766 days ago

its freaky, but i'd be too sorry to kill it =\

tashayadav95 1766 days ago

lesson learned- never leave a room with a giant spider in it

ilovepaints1 1768 days ago

I hate when that happens! You can't get the image out of your mind!

_Abbys_ 1768 days ago

BIG spider.will die now*dies*

ChelseaBritt 1768 days ago

Nasty! There's so many gross bugs here. I stepped on a scorpion in my living room...bleck! :)

mrsjasperhale 1768 days ago

and yet it makes me wonder how you had time to take a picture...

ch0rbz 1769 days ago

OMG... Creepy spider... I'm having goose bums... If I were in your case, I'll be screaming and running out of my room to call my sister to kill that big scary spider ... :S I've seen bigger than that..

HeyItsLukeGreen 1769 days ago

is that your freakazoid spider? EWWWW!!!