Jermaine Jackson


The 4th child of the music dynasty; the Jackson Family. Singer, bassist, composer, philanthropist, father & husband. I love reaching people through my music.

In the studio getting ready for Sat!

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2302 days ago

In the studio getting ready for Sat!


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macuteodoro 2287 days ago

OLÁ. desejo muita saúde, paz e sucesso.

judyevans1 2288 days ago

Do Not Hide You Beautifull Face and Your Smile For We Love You

girlykimmy 2295 days ago

What is this I can't see your face. no photo's on facebook ok. Still put your thing down. at your show .

KtaMJlover 2295 days ago

Wow I love it....!!! I would like to go to some of your concerts....!!! Thank u 4 sharing this with us

lanahaliwell 2297 days ago

hello jermaine
I pray every day for you and your family
a thought for our dear angel michael jackson

juliegower87 2297 days ago

I wrote an original song for your brother Michael, typein youtube juliemusic87 michael jackson....

CloudyMemories 2298 days ago

..and it cuts like a knife....xoxoxox

CloudyMemories 2298 days ago

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.....................I don't know whether to live a lie.

AsiaMJfan4ever 2299 days ago

Good luck!!!

AsiaMJfan4ever 2299 days ago

amazing :)

littlema0511yah 2299 days ago

Hope you had a great show.From Spokane Washington

LiliLoveJ5 2299 days ago

GO Jermaine!!!!

JessOvBHE 2299 days ago

hi jermaine :D hope you have a good show tomorow :) <3

Vilmapato1964 2299 days ago

from Colombia gets a big hug, I hope that on October 2 will go well in the concert, I'm a fan of your brother Michael who always carry in my mind and my heart

CloudyMemories 2300 days ago

vous éclairez vers le haut de la lune et des étoiles la nuit, vous me maintenez voir des arcs-en-ciel dans le ciel

Msvee1977 2300 days ago

Hey Jermaine...thanks for the pics! I hope you'll have some from the concert. I hope the show goes well for you.

luvntheJack5ons 2300 days ago

Is that the new bass???

tinaro53 2300 days ago

You look like working very hard :) good afternoon here in this rainy:) day:( such the greast good luck god bless

lumleynutters 2301 days ago

good to see you working wish the show was in england i would be there