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1484 days ago


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cmgreene23 1477 days ago

Yay!! Rachel and her buds!!

shybullwinkle 1483 days ago

wow, Joe Miller and Sir Mix A Lot and that woman from the Progressive Insurance commercial! ;)

i88schwartz 1483 days ago

You dudes look like you're having a lot of fun. #tcot

Col_Tim 1484 days ago

Great pic

jojoma70 1484 days ago

Rachel i like your show but its funny that aneducated Poeple running for Office did Palin Aprove that he is comming on

jojoma70 1484 days ago

I seen it dont the Poeple running for Office have to have any kind of Eduacation

liberal_simon 1484 days ago

Maybe #Maddow can warm up guests for #LastWord with some awesome stories. But... the room's not green? <looks quizzically at the screen>

lapislaz 1484 days ago

Neither one of those guys look like they're sure they should be smiling. Rachel, you're doing fine!

jcd4evea 1484 days ago

OMG! I love how you only dress from the waist up, Rach. LOL. The Levi-J thing is just a joke. It's so funny!

redrose196 1484 days ago

U all look great. Ur show was fantastic 2 night keep it up.

Strollyneaux 1484 days ago

Rachel, you lead a very fun life. Lets see if the #LastWord can get you to take pics with Sarah or Bristol

hrikne 1484 days ago

Fantastic loves it

libsechumanist 1484 days ago

Shows how much I don't give a rip about that saga-I didn't recognize LJ-figured it out from comments.

DonWilliamson75 1484 days ago

Wow. Rachel standing with Levi & they look happy. Is the world ending soon?

elKat_bert 1484 days ago

Ooo, 2 beefy men and one lovely lady !

Niteowl009 1484 days ago

There's the barracuda slayer! Great list of guests on #lastword Im impressed w/ pull. ;)

AHarris20 1484 days ago

Johnston looks wonderful. Maddow is divine in teal. Is that Levi's bodyguard?