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Few boys from the team and myself,getting SPECIAL foot massage in singapore!fish biting ya feet!

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2219 days ago

Few boys from the team and myself,getting SPECIAL foot massage in singapore!fish biting ya feet!


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Kllernan 2163 days ago

mini vettels hahaah

willoughv 2211 days ago

Brings a new meaning to "nip da tip"....That freaks me

alexanderchip 2212 days ago

You wouldn't want a "happy ending" from one of those!

robynmelbourne 2216 days ago

Yikes! Hope you're not ticklish...don't think I could stand that!

if_it 2217 days ago


j8s8g 2217 days ago

Enjoy! They have no teeth and come all the way from Turkish rivers, AND your feet feel amazing afterwards

emmabortnik 2218 days ago

was this the place round the back of the Ritz Carlton? we were going to go there but the fish looked bloody massive!!

helen19664 2218 days ago

OMG!! They've got these pedicure fish in the Trafford Centre but I keep chickening out of getting it done - was it good? Are your feet all soft and show no signs of nibbles?????

pearlaceous 2218 days ago

Omg! Can't believe you did the fish pedicure! Hahaha

SmartStaffing 2219 days ago

When your in Melbourne before Suzuka call me up for a bite of lunch you will love it Mark 0430292955

JoannaCardwell 2219 days ago

Love the idea of the fish - not sure about other people's feet!

ckoalatte 2219 days ago

Trop bon !!! il parait que ça fait beaucoup de bien et très efficace Trop coollllllll

k0rn3l87 2219 days ago

I bet it feels good :) I've never tried anything like this before.

cheesean 2219 days ago

When I went for this last year, I swear i spent a good hour laughing. Best therapy ever.

farmannie 2219 days ago


fidgety_jen 2219 days ago

I've never been brave enough to try that - the nibbling part gives me the wiggins *shudder*

tamoslocoslucas 2219 days ago

Fish on your feet hahaha I'm sure You feel some tickle =)

ilovespringers 2219 days ago

yuck yuck yuck

Kateafan 2219 days ago

Are they going to replace Roger or is this another of Mr Newey's weight saving ideas?

viksem 2219 days ago

after u kicked around Lewis, ur feet deserved it :P